Learn how we optimised Traqspera to break company records by boosting key metrics, sales funnel, visibility, and their overall customer experience

Traqspera is a cloud-based time management tool built for contractors. From any device, teams can track their hours, expenses and tasks’ progress in real-time data.

Traqspera puts an end to contractors biggest problem… paperwork! Companies love the tool once they start using it as it saves them buckets of time and money, but Traqspera were facing an uphill battle as many companies are stuck doing things “the old way” – despite the amount of time and money it costs them.

Matt Thurber, CTO, and his team had already won the trust of top names, including Rokstad Power, Summit Electric, and Priority Mechanical. However, onboarding new clients was far from easy. With most customers resistant to stop using paper, and no clear buyer persona in mind to target, we teamed up with Traqspera to develop a strategy to break through these barriers.

The Problems

Traqspera had an enviable problem of appealing to many types of contractors. Since they’ve been in business, they’ve secured clients within the powerline industry, civil/excavation, electrical, mechanical, and more. While Traqspera’s features benefit these groups, some features aren’t required for all which may have caused visitors to assume that Traqspera isn’t for them.

The website’s copy did a good job in explaining the features but it was more feature-centric than benefit-centric. We knew from our talks with Matt that Traqspera’s customers usually aren’t the most tech-savvy, so the copy needed to be more precise – showing viewers the outcomes of using the product.

We also noticed that Traqspera was continually referred to as “cloud-based management software.” This was way too tech-savvy. Keeping in mind that business owners, project managers, and contractors themselves will be reading this, it’s not speaking their language. It may be a cloud-based software management tool but it doesn’t need to be marketed that way.

The website looked sharp upon landing on the homepage but it was let down by UX, throughout, as some sections were difficult to break down. The ideal outcome for a visitor on the website is for them to book themselves in for a free demo. We tested the UX path to booking a demo and saw there was another book a demo button on the demo booking screen itself; UX errors like this leave a bad impression on visitors.

Traqspera wanted to push on with paid advertising and inbound marketing methods but they knew their website, messaging, and approach to marketing needed to be refined in order to return the results that they wanted.

What We Did

We started by looking at Traqspera’s history of clients, as we asked which industry makes the most sense to target? What are the key differentiators between the industries, and which industry has the best conversion rate?

Our research revealed that powerline companies were the perfect fit for Traqspera. Their very first client was a powerline company, and the software had been finely-tuned to cater for their needs through the years. Looking deeper into their history for sales and conversion rates, powerline companies were top of the list for both. Although Traqspera can still help other kinds of companies, powerlines were the new main focus moving forward.

We took all our research to turn it into a buyer persona (we named him “Powerline Peter”); this served as our guide to ensure the website’s copy was answering the buyer persona’s pain points, which led to moving some of the features around as the tool tracking feature wasn’t much use to powerline companies. We stopped using the phrase “cloud-based management tool,” instead, referring to it as a “time-saving management tool.” After all, powerline companies use tools every day. Let’s speak their language.

Developing the buyer persona led to further changes on the website as we moved sections around to make pages easier to digest. We added a new “Is It for You?” page. This was to breakdown Traqspera for all employees within a company – business owners, project managers, and contractors. As we learned from Matt that most companies are naturally resistant to introduce a major change into their company, the “Is It for You?” page makes it quick and effortless to see the game-changing benefits that Traqspera brings to every key role at a company.

We went a step further and created a landing page just for powerline industries. This is a tiny niche, so we went for it – full force – with a PPC campaign to introduce as many new powerline companies to Traqspera as possible.

Traqspera had secured plenty of business via referrals and cold phone calls in the past, so we created a cold email sequence to send to contacts within the powerline industry. This was a short sequence that broke down the everyday problems that powerline companies face, and then showed them how their days could look with Traqspera.

These weren’t your standard SaaS company emails! From our research and talks with Matt, everyone in this line of work has a great sense of humour – so we took full advantage of it in our emails, breaking the ice with some humour while showing them how much they’ll benefit from using Traqspera.

The cold emails’ call to action started off with links to the powerline landing page and then moving on to offer a free demo. Over the weeks working with Matt, we watched a few of his demos and worked with him to optimize them for conversions.

We then moved on to look outside of the website, looking at Traqspera’s presence on software listing websites. These were out of date. Traqspera had evolved since then and the listings hadn’t kept up. (The good news was that there was a long list of positive reviews.) We rewrote the copy for their listings on popular software websites such as Capterra, Software Advice, and we introduced them to more listing websites to expand their reach even further.

How we did it

Buyer Personas

Website Development



Email Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimisation


Website Listings

Demo Training

Email Marketing

The Results

Email marketing

Off the back of our cold email campaign, October saw 32 leads come through. These emails led to demo requests or replies to ask more questions about Traqspera (questions are good, we love ‘em). These sequences proved to be effective and Matt and his team have continued to send them to new prospects to return more leads.

Software listing websites

Spreading Traqspera’s reach across more software listing websites and rewriting their profiles led to new company records. Matt reported that they had achieved the highest amount of leads and demos since the company started, six of which were gained from Software Advice.

The Results in Full


  • 13 in September
  • 32 in October
  • 20 in November

11 in December (at time of writing this, Friday the 8th.)


  • 2 in September
  • 12 in October
  • 8 in November
  • 6 in December

Goal conversion rate (from lead to sale):

  • 15.38% September
  • 37.5% October
  • 40% November
  • 54.5% December

Sales following demo:

  • October 8%
  • November 50%
  • December 50%

Customer Average Value (Annually, in CAD):

  • $3000
  • Larger clients $7000
  • Average across the board $5000

Lifetime Customer Value:

  • 6% client loss
  • Customer lifetime value to date $15000

Company records:

  • Best ever month for sales in November
  • Bets over month for leads in October
  • Matched January’s record for leads in December, with two weeks remaining

Other highlights:

  • Reduced sales cycle from 6 weeks to under 30 days
  • Expanded reach across the US
  • Found more avenues for leads in software listing websites
  • Became a Quickbooks reseller


With the new website, lead magnet, marketing automation, and paid advertising campaigns in place, Anthill now is optimized to cater for all visitors no matter how familiar they are with Anthill. They can learn about the product, book a demo , or request a free whitepaper if they aren’t sure about whether they are ready for a CRM or not.

Anthill’s quality is now clear for all to see, and its high level of customization makes it a serious contender for any retailer considering a CRM. With key metrics improved, and 10 leads in 10 days, Anthill is now in a fantastic position to continue to win new business.

Matthew and Lyndsey did a tremendous job in such a small space of time. Our website now reflects Traqspera’s quality, with Google Analytics proving we are making a much greater impact than we did before. Their team was a pleasure to work with and the results they returned speak for themselves. They helped us improve our sales cycle, gain and convert new leads, and broke some company records in the process!”

Matt Thurber, CTO at Traqspera

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