See how we fine-tuned an unknown search tool to connect with the audience that needs it the most

Extract IQ is a powerful cloud-based search tool that uses your own business’s taxonomy to locate the files you need. Software like this has become a must-have as companies are piling up data like never before.

Tim, Founder & CEO, presented us with a cloud-based search tool that was polished and ready to go. The product itself may have been ready, but it had no branding and an unfinished website… Tim knew there was a clear need for what he had built. He just needed to know exactly whom to market it towards, and how to present it to return the best results.

The Problems


Tim had spent years building his search tool, “Spotlight,” while he was working on multiple businesses at the same time. It’s a highly technical product that took years of work, which left him little time left to focus on branding and website development.

Our immediate concern upon learning about the product was the name, “Spotlight.” This needed to change to avoid any confusion with Apple’s built-in search feature. And the logo itself was too basic, in need of a sharper, punchier look and feel to make its mark in the rapidly competitive space for cloud-search technology.

Old logo

The old website’s above the fold copy made things confusing for visitors. With no mention of the product’s name, and brief copy – no viewer would be able to make out what this website was offering if they were to take a quick glance through it.



As we read through the website, the copy baffled us. (And we’re a tech-savvy bunch!). There was far too much information included, crammed with technical details that weren’t necessary to present a visitor upon first-view; these are the kind of details that should be included in a frequently asked questions section or covered during a demo.

With a number of networking events and high-profile meetings in the pipeline. We needed to rebrand the product to give it the strong presence needed to make an impact. Easier said than done, firstly, we needed to research to find out where we needed to take this product and which niche would benefit from it the most.


What We Did

We spent more time researching than we ever had before. There were tonnes of competitors and some had already established their place in their niche areas. We roughly knew the industries we wanted to target, but it wasn’t until we interviewed a reseller, at Critical Business Analysis, Inc., that we made a decision to market Extract IQ towards turnaround managers at oil refinements and engineering companies.

The reseller was an expert in these areas and it made perfect sense to target them as they typically have millions of files to go through: with offices filled with paper, and monstrous levels of data spread across personal computers and cloud systems – it’s a recipe for disaster. Turnaround managers have an incredibly demanding job, and if they can’t find the data they need, just one day’s delay can cost their organization over a million dollars…

A detailed buyer persona was written following our research, based on our talks with the reseller and our meetings with Tim.

We then began looking at new names where we landed on “Extract IQ.” This was a far more assertive name, and with the new logo including a magnifying glass, anyone can guess it’s a search tool just from viewing the logo alone. (And that’s what we wanted.)

The new logo provided us with a solid base to move on to design the website. We had to break down the complexity of the tool to avoid scaring people away with overly-technical copy. To combat this, we created an animation on the homepage featuring a brief demonstration of a typical search.

The above the fold copy was kept simple, with the technical aspects of the product organized in the other pages, giving visitors time to get familiar with the product before they learned more about how it works. Just from viewing the homepage, without scrolling, the copy tells you what Extract IQ does, how it does it, and the benefit you get from using it.

The below the fold part of the page dived into the problems that come from failure to manage your data, followed by an everyday scenario that turnaround managers face. The copy’s job was to show them how much time they’ll save by using Extract IQ, making their jobs much easier as a failed turnaround day is their ultimate work nightmare.

We organized the rest of the website with a Solutions page and a breakdown of how it works. The Solutions page digs deeper into the problems that companies are facing due to file mismanagement. And the How It Works page breaks down Extract IQ’s set up to search, in 6 simple steps.

All pages feature a call to action at the bottom, with the button taking them to a form to enter their details to book a free demo.

With the website good to go, we suggested Active Campaign (a popular marketing automation & CRM tool) to Tim based on his future plans. We gave him a full tutorial so he could start contacting new leads and target them with personalized emails. We got him up and running by building him an automated email sequence which was triggered by viewers booking their free demo.


Website Design

Website Development Icon

Website Development


The Results


Our extensive research revealed what a great opportunity this was for Extract IQ. With a clear market established, this gave us the fuel to create a new logo, buyer personas, and website design. Not only that, it gave Tim and his investors a crystal clear vision of how Extract IQ should be marketed moving forwards.


The new logo and website spoke to our buyer personas. A turnaround manager doesn’t want to learn about all the technical functionality of the product; they just want a tool to help them do their job. Upon landing on Extract IQ’s website, it’s presented as a slick, time-saving tool that every turnaround manager needs.


Following our research, Tim had a long list of contacts he wanted to introduce to Extract IQ. One of his major pain points from his old website was how tiring it was to keep explaining what it does and how it works. Now, all set up with a new website and clear copy, Tim’s leads and new visitors can instantly get to grips with Extract IQ to learn more about it.

The free demo gives interested viewers the chance to see it in action, allowing the Extract IQ team to show them the ropes, and follow up leads with email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing & CRM

Extract IQ was a different kind of project for us as, following our research, Tim already had a long list of contacts that he was ready to introduce the product to. His old website left him with the uphill task of having to explain what it does and how it works. Now, all set up with a new website and crisp copy, every viewer can instantly get to grips with the product to learn more about it.

The free demo and email marketing sequence give viewers the chance to see it in action, allowing the Extract IQ team to show them the ropes, and to follow up with one of the finest CRMs at their disposal to assist them with their email marketing efforts moving forward.



“Spotlight” had lots of heavy lifting to do when it was first introduced to business owners, as its old website left people with more questions than answers. Tim and his team knew they had a great product but they were under no illusions that they had to find a solid market to compete in a highly-competitive industry. And once they found it, they needed to make a quick impact.

Rebranded, repackaged, with a rock-solid base going forward, Extract IQ is now clear, concise, and finely-tuned to its buyer persona. Tim knew plenty of people that would benefit from Extract IQ, as the majority of his business comes through face-to-face meetings and networking events, the new website made Tim’s job much easier to secure new business.

“I was in need of a new set of eyes and opinions when I first spoke with Growth Drivers. Building Extract IQ has been a long process, which involved a lot of work! I enjoyed working with the team and I was delighted with the new logo and messaging following our branding exercise. The level of research was really impressive and so was their commitment to hitting our milestones. It feels great to have the website & branding up to speed so I can showcase Extract IQ to the people I know that need it.

CEO, ExtractIQ

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