See how we turned Anthill from an unknown CRM into a serious player in the retail CRM niche

Anthill is an all-in-one CRM solution for retailers. Their impressive customised setups and level of customer attention have seen them establish a list of blue-chip brands such as Shell, Lotus Cars, and Bathstore.

We first spoke with John Endeacott, CEO & Founder, in regard to creating content. But after taking a closer look at his company, we put the content on ice. We needed to rebrand, redesign and re-strategize to firmly establish Anthill’s place in a highly-competitive CRM market.

Our first step was to overturn every rock to learn as much as we could about Anthill. Our team has used many CRMs between us, and we were instantly impressed with Anthill’s level of customisation and quick setup. It offered a lean CRM package, loaded with features, fresh out of the box. These qualities weren’t represented on their website which was costing them new business.

John and his team were so focused on their clients that Anthill’s marketing and branding were suffering. They weren’t sure of Anthill’s place in the market and how to present it moving forwards.

The Problems

Anthill didn’t make a strong first impression upon visiting the homepage. The logo, color scheme, and copy were a little flat, which didn’t give users that all-so-important positive first impression to spur them on to learn more about the product.

Having spoken to John and learned about Anthill’s journey into becoming a CRM, we wondered why his story was absent from the website’s copy. John used to run a web development agency that built websites for some of the biggest retailers in the UK. Many of his clients would tell him about the day-to-day headaches they were facing, all of which stemmed from a complicated sales cycle that was a pain to manage.

So, in true web developer fashion, John assembled a team and started to build an answer for each of their problems – which, in time, became Anthill CRM. This story was absent from the website copy, leaving viewers unaware that Anthill’s team are highly experienced in solving the complex sales cycle problems that retailers face – missing out on a huge selling point.

Moving further into the website, the feature sections left users wondering what exactly it is that Anthill had to offer. There was no in-depth breakdown of the features to show why Anthill has the edge on the competition when it comes to managing a complex sales cycle.

Old website’s feature summary

The main call to action on the homepage was a request a callback button. It wasn’t an assertive call to action, and as the website wasn’t doing a great job in explaining the product, callback requests were rare.

Old website’s homepage call to action

We also noticed that Anthill didn’t have a pricing page. This was a red flag for us: people aren’t going to want to contact you just to ask for your prices. A pricing page is expected when you visit a SaaS website. As we dived deeper into Anthill’s pricing plans, we had to refine them and the contents of each package as they were overly complicated.

Anthill did an excellent job in developing their CRM and refining it for their customers, so much so, that their own website had failed to keep up with their evolvement. This resulted in a high bounce rate and lack of natural lead generation through the website, making it incredibly difficult to attract new business – despite already having secured the services of world-renowned brands.

They had experimented in paid advertising before but it didn’t return the results they wanted. We knew we had to completely rebuild Anthill’s sales funnel from the ground up to show new viewers that this was a serious CRM solution that can truly reshape their business for the better. We had to create a full marketing strategy to get noticed in a flooded CRM market, competing with the likes of SalesForce, HubSpot, Marketo, and ActiveCampaign.

What we did

We started with a number of interviews with Anthill’s customers, peppering them with questions to learn what led them to Anthill, why they choose it, and what they loved about it the most. All of this input was assessed and turned into two buyer personas we used to base our strategy on.

Anthill’s branding was the first thing we wanted to change. We bought it up to speed with a new logo and color scheme. We needed something bold and sharp, something that would look strong no matter what size it was.

Old logo

New logo

A complete website redesign was required as there are lots of questions in the minds of people considering a new CRM, and these weren’t being answered on the old website. We rebuilt it with the aim to explain each feature in detail, show Anthill has a proven track record of helping established retailers, and to create a user experience that builds intrigue to lead them to book a free demo.

We designed a new homepage to make an instant impact. With bold and informative above the fold copy, and rotating cogs in the background to get their attention, this left no room for error – every visitor will know exactly what Anthill is and who it’s for – without having to scroll an inch. We also included Anthill’s impressive list of clients upon page load, providing rock-solid social proof from the get-go.

Old website

New website

Moving further down the homepage, just before the main call to action, we focused on the customization element of Anthill to get customers starting to visualize using the product. This is where Anthill really comes into its own. CRM customisation can be a lengthy and frustrating process, but not with Anthill. They can get clients fully set up in a matter of weeks – not months. Their customised dashboards are one of the most popular features, with many clients praising them in their testimonials.

We also built a new features page that listed Anthill’s four major features. Each of them was kept clean and concise with just one paragraph and three bullet points. Every section contained a link which takes the user to a new page containing an in-depth breakdown of the selected feature, making it easy to digest information – whether you’re new to CRMs or not.

We marketed Anthill’s new website via Adwords, LinkedIn ads, and cold email outreach to a curated list of leads we found via LinkedIn. Knowing that the CRM market is one of the most competitive markets in the B2B space, we built two landing pages to show why Anthill has the edge over SalesForce (a direct competitor). These were niched down to specifically target KBB retailers searching for a CRM – as we compared the leading CRMs to Anthill, Anthill had some key benefits over the competition. Both of these pages had targeted PPC campaigns to capitalize on the competition’s organic search traffic.

For those already on the Anthill website, we created a lead magnet, offering a free whitepaper, to learn how to boost sales and customer service through automation. We followed up the whitepaper’s delivery with a 4-part email sequence, which featured links to a new landing page, specifically aimed at KBB retailers, niching down to the unique problems they face and how Anthill solves them.


Website development


Landing Pages

Marketing Strategy

Paid Advertising

Sales Funnel

Conversion Rate Optimization


New leads were well informed about Anthill and its capabilities by the time they got around to their free demo. This is down to the website’s copy being more clear and informative, niching down to the exact pain points we learned from Anthill’s customers during our interviews.

The copy, combined with the website build, decreased the bounce rate as viewers were taking more time to browse through the website as they learned more about Anthill.

Lead Generation

The combination of the new website build, landing pages, cold emails, and paid advertising led to 10 new leads in 10 days. With the new and improved website, leads were keen to book a demo to see it in action.


With the new website, lead magnet, marketing automation, and paid advertising campaigns in place, Anthill now is optimized to cater for all visitors no matter how familiar they are with Anthill. They can learn about the product, book a demo, or request a free whitepaper if they aren’t sure about whether they are ready for a CRM or not.

Anthill’s quality is now clear for all to see, and its high level of customization makes it a serious contender for any retailer considering a CRM. With key metrics improved, and 10 leads in 10 days, Anthill is now in a fantastic position to continue to win new business.

“Anthill is in a much stronger position than it was a few months ago. New leads already know a great amount about Anthill before I speak to them, and we’ve firmly established ourselves as experts in our niche. I was really impressed with Growth Drivers action-focused mindsight throughout. From improving strategies behind the scenes, branding, marketing, and the website itself – we are now speaking our audience’s language. We’ve already seen a huge boost in new leads, and closed new business, in a short amount of time. We’re all Looking forward to the future!”

John Endeacott

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