Facebook refuses to die. It has endured waves of criticism for manipulating news feeds, fake news, and few other shady experiments.

There was a mainstream movie about it, The Social Network, which didn’t seem to dent its reputation or “street cred” at all.

AND studies have shown that Facebook has a negative effect on people’s mental health…

Still, in its 13th year, Facebook continues to march on despite the controversy – constantly innovating to stay on top.

So is it a serious platform to invest your time and money to grow your B2B business? 100%, Absolutely.

Some people have difficulty seeing how it can: the cat pictures, moany friends’ statuses, memes and the occasional “poke” makes them doubt its credibility as a B2B business tool.

But businesses need people to survive and the number of people on Facebook is staggering – it’s closing in on 2 billion users.

Plus, it gets better. The average amount of time spent on the platform is 50 minutes per day.

Which other platform competes with that?

Here are 4 ways you can use Facebook to start finding leads and customers for your B2B business. Soon you might just find yourself spending over 50 minutes a day on it.


#1 Facebook ads

It’s tempting to get spending on Facebook ads immediately as you can throw in a few dollars to see what comes back. This can easily become a habit though. Spending “little bits” here and there without returning rock-solid leads soon becomes costly.

To give your ads’ chances a major boost, download the Facebook Pixel. It’s a powerful tool – and it’s free.

The Pixel will:

  1. Track conversions
  2. Optimise ads
  3. Create retargeting ads


Follow Facebook’s instructions to get it set up. Their instructions are easy to follow (…Facebook is good at everything).

Create a Custom Audience with Facebook Pixel

Using the Pixel to track website traffic, you can segment your audience by the pages they’ve visited. Let some time pass, let the page visits stack up, THEN you can create a Custom Audience based on Conversions or Key Page Views.

Creating a Custom Lookalike Audience is basically telling Facebook “Hey, go fetch me more people like this.”

You can target your Facebook ads to this audience or you can go even deeper and target by job role, company size, industry, or their interests! (That’s marketing gold… or is it platinum? Whichever is the most expensive right now.)

Taking the time to target your ads – using the Facebook Pixel – with laser focus, you stand a  much greater chance of generating leads and sales.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to implement what we’ve just covered. Facebook Pixel can do so much. Spend all the time you need to get familiar with it. It’s well worth it.


#2 Facebook groups

You may have noticed a ton of short-form stories and blogs popping up in your LinkedIn and Facebook feeds over the past couple of months. The reason, people engage with them! A Facebook group is the perfect place to start writing your own short-form posts.

A well-oiled Facebook group is like having a second email list – and arguably an even better one as members keep conversations moving without you. Facebook will also notify group members when there has been activity, so they’ll always be kept in the loop for as long as they are a member.


#3 Facebook Live

Facebook Live videos get priority in Facebook’s news feed. Why? Because the engagement rates for live video outperform all other forms of content.

Q&As, influencer marketing, inside scoops, interviews, office tours, competitions – all of these are easy when you have an HD camera living in your pocket. They can build a relationship between you and your audience, quickly. People like to do business/make a purchase from people they like.


#4 Invite people to like your page

All is fair in the like business. If your last post has received a tonne of likes, invite people to like your page, too. And you can also upload your email subscribers list to Facebook and send out like invites.

There’s just 1 important thing to remember for each of these 4 steps: keep Facebook happy!

Facebook wants to be everything to everyone. (And they might just pull it off.) They want you and your friends to be on it all day long. So linking away to rival attention stealers like YouTube won’t perform as well as content on Facebook. So play nice to stay on Zuckerburg’s good side, and to get the most out of your time using Facebook to grow your business.

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